viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Los de bachiller cocinan muffins

Cada vez más grupos del cole están haciendo uso del recurso del taller de cocina. Esta vez han sido los alumnos de bachiller los que han hecho unas ricas muffins. Aqui os pongo la crónica.

As we usually do the huge variety of activities in English Skills, this time we have decided to go to the kitchen and teach the class in a different way we usually do. This time all the students of 1ºBachiller of this class, have got involved to do an easy and delicious recipe, Stracciatella Muffins. All the class have been busy in the kitchen preparing this sweet and delicious dessert. It has been such an interesting, funny and entertaining class that we hope we will repeat it again soon. Here you have some photos where you can see how the class has gone and how delicious we have made the muffins! If you want to do this easy dessert at home, here you have the recipe:


300g flour
200g grounded almond
4TL baking powder
200g chocolate (minced)
200ml butter (melted)
200g sugar
4 spoons vanilla sugar
4 eggs 350-400g cream cheese

1. Preheat the oven on 180º and melt the butter.
Mix flour, almond, baking powder and chocolate.
2. Mix butter with sugar, vanilla sugar and aggs. After stir in the cream cheese and the flour mix.
3. Put the dough in the forms and bake them 20-25 min.

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